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© 2019 by Thekla Papadopoulou 


This series is mostly about me, my life and the people around me.

The work is mixed media on canvas. I'm using oil paints, pastels and collage of pages from my old sketchbooks, from journals and photographs of myself and people who are close to me. I'm exploring the journey of my life until now - the factors that affected it, the elements that altered it and the influences that are still echoing in this process. There is a strong sense of memoirs of my life and I specifically explore the trajectory between the past and the present. Most of the pieces are self-portraits and reflect on the process of personal discovery of my influences - how they formed who I am today. All in all, in a simple sentence the work is a narrative of who I am and who I became the person I am today. 

Traces B'IV

185 x 125 cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

Traces C'VII

55 x 42 cm

Mixed Media on black card board

Traces C'VIII

55 x 42 cm

Mixed Media on black card board

Traces B' I

100 x 100 cm

Mixed Media on wood panel

Traces B'V

185 x 125 cm

Mixed Media on canvas

Traces B'II

85 x 65 cm

Mixed Media on Wood Panel